When a Joint Becomes Something More – A Consumer Profile

For many users, a joint is so much more than a recreational tool. This joint represents hard-earned money and freedom. So it’s time to speak of it in terms of more! To one Seattle resident, a Frosted Cherry Cookie joint is so much more!

Ryan Quiroz represents a growing number of consumers who turn to cannabis on a regular basis. When he discovered Frosted Cherry Cookies in a pre-roll, he was following the recommendation of his budtender at Have a Heart in Greenwood. Why was this strain recommended? He was looking for an overall sedative to calm a number of areas in his body."It was a miracle!"

Several years ago, Ryan was a wild-land firefighter. His last fire gave him a choice, suffer serious burns or take a fall. Choice, you ask? Yes! Fires are tricky bitches and change their minds often. It was after this life-changing fall that Ryan began suffering from the many body aches, leading to his eventual interaction and connection with his budtender. He was forced to quit MMA and all physical activities, spending a few years determining the right program to manage the affects of his fall.

“It was a miracle for me!” said Ryan on a recent phone interview. “My GI issues, back problems, and stress all calmed down after smoking these pre-rolls. Later, when I bought flower, it took everything I had not to smoke it all at once.” Ryan is a 35-year-old Seattle resident. He spends his time teaching self defense classes to women and children while caregiving for part of his family.

“Liberty Reach is a great product! I’d like to shake the head grower’s hand,” says Ryan Quiroz.

Frosted Cherry Cookies is available now in stores near you!


Cherry Cookies X The White

Flavor Profile & High:

Sweet cherry cookie dough. Mouth coating cherry hints, keep you reaching for more. Happy, clearheaded, uplifting, focused.