Weed Reviews – Mendo Breath

Long time fans of Liberty Reach, Washington Weed Reviews, have a few things to say about Mendo Breath.  This father & daughter team of Dan and Kim, hail from Eastern Washington and frequent a number of our stores.  Here is a shout out to our neighbors across the Cascades!

Mendo Breath may have been reviewed as a having “a bit of ginja,” due to their orange/red hues, in the Eastern Washington Dope Magazine Issue, however as Washington Weed Reviews points out, “only stoners can taste purple.”  With a rich terpene profile Mendo Breath is quickly becoming a new BMF favorite strain.

Checkout this video to see their review.  Caution, the review is a bit long.  Around time-counter 13:30 the duo describe the flavor and effects.  “This is a good weed for somebody who wants to smoke an Indica during the day, or like smoke and Indica without passing out.  I’m going to still be ‘I’m going to do stuff, interact with people’ but still be really relaxed at the same time.” – Kim, Washington Weed Review.

Take special note of the discussion on growing weed.  Listening to this further cements our own Derrick Pedrazzetti as a master grower.  Lucky us Washington.  He’s all ours.
Thank you to Satori North for the recommendation.  Thank you to Washington Weed Reviews for the strain love!
“One for dad. One for us.” – Dan