How Washington State is Leading the Way & Why BMF Agrees

Effective 9/1/17, the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board enacted changes to the screening process of all cannabis products. As leaders in the industry, we’ve been at the forefront of screening and applaud the LCB for taking these steps to ensure that all products on the market are safe for consumption. There are 4 major changes that affect the general public. Labs across the state are now required more stringent testing of THC/CBD potency, water levels, mycotoxins, and solvents.

What this means for you the consumer: Safety!

Having a better understanding of the active cannabinoid levels will allow you to be a smarter consumer. Water content testing may not seem important, but where does bacteria like to grow? Wet places. Knowing how well a flower is cured and dried allows for you to be a smarter consumer.

Mycotoxin screening? Seems like a big word for some very small fungi. They are extremely stable toxins and can withstand even the strongest processing. At high enough exposure levels, mycotoxins can cause acute toxicity and potentially death. These tests were already required for medical marijuana. The LCB simply extended this for the i-502 market as well.

Solvents testing applies to the methods used in the extraction of oil. Producers are required to remove the solvents from the oil prior to sale. The additional testing/changes ensures more of the chemicals have been removed.

BMF continues to take the screening of our products seriously. We know that a safe product is best for the consumers, the market, and the state. Washington is a leading example to the country of what the cannabis industry should look like. This screening change, and BMF’s commitment to it, cement this understanding.

Please see the links below to better understand the rule changes and view them in their entirety.

Washington State Quality Assurance Testing

LCB Notice of Rule Change