To our valued customers, budtenders and retailers, we pledge to provide the safest, most rigorously tested product in the marketplace. Looking for lab reports on a product you purchased? Click on the link below and type your “QA Lot #” into the search field. To locate this number, refer to the compliance label on your product’s packaging and use the ID listed as “QA#”. If you have any difficulties locating a lab report, email us at Please include the QA# in the message and we will assist you.

We pledge to provide the safest, most rigorously tested product in the marketplace.


Every product we make, including the Liberty Reach, Jackpot, Left Coast, Magna Carta and RSO+GO brands, undergoes a stringent, independent testing regimen to ensure it meets standards for quality and pesticide compliance above and beyond what the state requires. This gold standard is the first of its kind for a producer of our scale.

Like most producers, we often source cannabis from other growers to meet customer demand. Since we cannot oversee the production of those plants, the growers have agreed to what we believe is the most stringent quality-control process in the state. Before we purchase any cannabis, the originating grower must submit it to a comprehensive pesticide screen by an independent testing facility. We will purchase only cannabis that is free from non-compliant pesticides, and worthy of our brands.

Every supplier we use – from outside marijuana producers to agricultural supply vendors – must sign and abide by our Pledge of Pot Process Purity, an agreement that binds our vendors and suppliers to a host of ethical and transparent business practices.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we share testing protocols, equipment, levels of detection and even the testing location with our consumers. Currently we are providing this information to retailers, and also will publish it on our website.

We created a new position at BMF, the Director of Transparency and Purity, who is responsible for making our test results transparent and available to our customers. The DTP also monitors our business practices, growing protocols and testing, and reports directly to the owners of BMF.

BMF and its brands, Liberty Reach, Jackpot Seaweed, and RSO+GO, actively support the formation of The Clean Cannabis Association, the state’s first trade association focused exclusively on defining and enforcing standards around testing and cannabis purity. We are active in TCCA’s leadership, and are supporting the organization as it seeks non-profit status.

Want verified safety and quality in your cannabis? We’ve set the gold standard.

The BMF Approach to Product Safety

It’s no secret: the safety of cannabis – particularly the use of pesticides that don’t comply with state regulations – remains a significant issue for our young industry. Another is ensuring that you know the full history of the products you consume.

At BMF, we think these issues are so critical that we’ve introduced the BMF Manifesto, a first-of- its-kind pledge to retailers, budtenders and customers to provide the state’s safest, most tested product in the marketplace.

The Manifesto establishes a gold standard – far beyond state requirements – for safety, quality and transparency through real, actionable steps. We’re proud to be the first large-scale producer to make this pledge to you.

You can read the full Manifesto below, and click here to check test results on the product you’re about to enjoy. Simply enter the product lot number to view quality data from state-approved labs, and read a pesticide compliance report from Trace Analytics, a state-of- the-art laboratory working to establish industry standards with the nonprofit Clean Cannabis Association.

We hope this Manifesto – and our testing data – will help you to make informed decisions. For questions, contact us at