Are you running on a full tanker?

You’ve seen enough cartridges and tankers to know what they look like full. Every once in a while, they look short. Especially next to other brands, you can see that some are fuller than others. You might even see a line on your tanker, and wonder why the oil doesn’t meet the line. So what is going on? Why do they sometimes look fuller? Don’t worry, you aren’t getting short-changed. You’ve just discovered some awesome properties of oils.

The technical answer to the different amounts from cartridge to cartridge is the difference between milliliters and milligrams. Cartridges and tankers generally come in two sizes – half grams and full grams – grams being a measure of weight. Milliliters are a measure of liquid volume – like a liter of soda, only one-one thousandth the size. What that liquid weighs is measured in milligrams. How much a milliliter weighs in milligrams depends on what liquid is in your container. A milliliter of water at sea-level weighs exactly one milligram. An oil will most likely weigh differently than the same amount of water. Depending on the thickness of the concentrate, different types of concentrates will weigh more or less at the same volume.

So why do you sometimes see a line on your tanker? This is for dosing. The line enables you to measure out a consistent portion of your concentrate, allowing you to have some confidence in the results each time you use your product.

Now that you know why the level changes, you can use this to tell other things about the product before you buy!

1. The less room the product takes up in a container, the denser the product.

If you like thick concentrates, look for full grams that seem to take up less space in the container. If you prefer a thinner concentrate, look for containers that look fuller.

2. If you see cartridges that are always consistent, you might want to ask why.

Consistency could be the nature of the product, like distillate. Otherwise, here are some questions to consider.
Is the company topping off the gram with filler?
Perhaps there are added terpenes making up the space that the oil isn’t taking up.
If the cartridge is flavored, is the company using more flavor additive to make the cartridges visually appealing?
Why does consistency matter?

3. Consistent filling could be a sign of more processing.

If a company is re-adding what they’ve removed during product manufacturing, they will control how full the tanker is. Inconsistent cartridges might mean the product is closer to its natural state.

4. It’s also important because some companies test their oils before topping off their cartridges.

This means your 78% THC cartridge has effectively been watered down, and is not going to give you the same effect as an uncut cartridge with the same THC % on the label! Some companies, like BMF, not only use no artificial additives, but also test the finished product. Real numbers on the package matter more than identical cartridges that might give much different effects.

5. Inconsistent tankers let you know that the product is coming from a plant, with all the beautiful variation found in nature.