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Are you running on a full tanker?


You’ve seen enough cartridges and tankers to know what they look like full. Every once in a while, they look short. Especially next to other brands, you can see that some are fuller than others. You might even see a line on your tanker, and wonder why the oil doesn’t meet the line. So what […]

Common Misconception – THC-A is NOT “active”

Common Misconceptions: THC-A in NOT “Active”

This one is for the budtenders out there. We’ve all had the experience of comparing products, trying to figure out for our customers which cartridge has the most THC. Depending on the company, THC percentage might be accompanied by it’s buddy, THC-A. It’s a common misconception and easy to see that A and think “active”, […]

When a Joint Becomes Something More – A Consumer Profile

For many users, a joint is so much more than a recreational tool. This joint represents hard-earned money and freedom. So it’s time to speak of it in terms of more! To one Seattle resident, a Frosted Cherry Cookie joint is so much more! Ryan Quiroz represents a growing number of consumers who turn to […]