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Dabbing – How to Dab with RSO+GO Shatter


RSO+GO is known for giving you the whole plant and this holds true for vape cats, tankers and dabbable products. In this review, we’ll discuss one of the most common set-ups to dab with, a quartz bucket or “banger” nail system, heated with a flame torch. These are our recommended steps for the best experience […]

Common Miscoceptions – CBD Schedule 1

Common Miscoceptions: CBD is Schedule 1

We all probably know the basics. Cannabidiol, CBD, is the non-pyschoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis – it won’t get you high. Certain strains have a high percentage of CBD naturally present in the plant, such as Harlequin, Charlotte’s Web and BMF’s new strain Canna-Tsu. A plant is considered “high-CBD” is the plant is 4% or […]

Common Miscoceptions – Schedule 1

Common Misconceptions about Cannabis: Schedule One - What it is and why Cannabis is on it

You’ve probably heard the comment in passing – the government considers marijuana more dangerous than cocaine. This is a common misconception based on a quirk in the way drugs are categorized. The DEA arranges drugs into a 5-category list or “schedules”. This scheduling provides a policy guide for restricting access to drugs and for criminal […]