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Sessions Tears Up the Cole Memo


Metaphorically speaking, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has torn up the Cole Memorandum. What exactly does that mean? While everyone in I502 and across the state knows this is a significant issue, it’s good to understand what this policy change does and does not do. The Law is the Same Federally speaking, marijuana growing, sale and possession […]

Mendo Breath – Testing between 17-21% THC

Mendo Breath Flower

He’s growing!  Not just our top of the line cannabis strains; Derrick Pedrazzetti is a growing Instagram phenomenon. With over 11.7K followers Derrick continues to change the way cannabis is grown and the way the internet ingests it! Check out this video of one of Derrick’s latest hybrids: Mendo Breath. Mendo Breath is an Indica […]

The Top 5 Party Topic of the Cannabis Industry 2017

Nighttime view of downtown Seattle

If there is one thing the cannabis industry knows, it’s a good party. Our friends at throw a good one! What takes place at a cannabis industry party? Fun, drinks, great stories and a lot of commiserating. So, what concerns the Processors, Producers and Retailers in Washington’s I502 this December? It will be interesting […]