Making Waves – the Tsunami effect of Canna-Tsu

It’s not often a company can honestly claim to have the best in the industry, especially when discussing an agricultural product. Great flower is created throughout the industry, given the right growing conditions and expertise. A truly unique, potent and rare offering – now that’s really special. The collective Liberty Reach cultivation team of Lester Farms and BMF, after years of pheno-hunting and genetic experimentation, is giving you that really special product. We’ve created a CBD flower that is making waves across the state by testing in at 24:1.

Introducing the most potent, independently tested, CBD flower in the Nation.

Liberty Reach is proud to present Canna-Tsu. Unsurprisingly, we aren’t the only ones riding the Canna-Tsu waves. Check out these independent media product reviews:

“The most exciting CBD they’ve seen in months…smoking the flower delivers a smooth & pleasant hit, with a nice burn rate that produces big, fat tokes of CBD rich smoke.”
North West Leaf

“Foremost, a 24:1 ratio in cannabis flower is insanely rare; if I didn’t witness the potential of the flower manifesting as it was grown before my very eyes, I surely wouldn’t have believed it….Sweet, gooey, pseudo-afghani notes bleeds outwards with a physical sap that now traps my fingers. I am coated in the unrelenting adhesive; it enchants everything I touch with the sweet, floral, foresty qualities stored within the core of Canna-Tsu. I am willing to go on record when I declare that Canna-Tsu is hands down the most beautiful CBD flower that I’ve ever seen…

…I wasn’t experiencing any excessive tension in my head, but I felt my skull ‘let go’. As if all of my joints were ouCBD Pre-Rollt of sorts and just now, instinctually slid back into their place of origin.”
-Kushman Bonglegs, “Toasted and Posted”

You can catch your own Canna-Tsu waves at retail partners across the state, including our Green Light Approved retailers in Eastern Washington. This beautiful flower is available in 3.5g jars, 1g & .5g pre-rolls, and select extraction runs in the Liberty Reach CBD line.