Leaf Data Transition Update

The Washington State LCB is set to end the contingency plan and fully integrate to the Leaf Data System by February 1st, 2018.  This new system offers three primary features: traceability activity reporting, compliance reporting and system interfaces.  Due to the size and scope of the transition BMF offers all of our customers the following information:

  • Barring any unforeseen circumstances, BMF plans to be fully integrated with Leaf Data Systems on February 1st.
  • Any items in quarantine or in transit that are not accepted in the system before 12:01am Feb 1st risk being lost during the migration. We urge our retail partners to accept all deliveries into their system before end of business Jan 31st to avoid any potential complications.
  • We will not be delivering on February 1st to allow for testing of the new system.  We plan on resuming deliveries Friday Feb 2nd.
  • Can a Leaf account communicate with another licensee that has not yet integrated with Leaf? The LCB has indicated the answer is no. Only licenses that have switched over to the Leaf system can transfer product to an account using Leaf. If a license chooses to not integrate on Feb 1st, they may not be able to manifest or intake product with Leaf users until they switch over.
  • We have reached out to Greenbits, Korona and Biotrack to clarify when they expect to make the switch. They also seem committed to become fully integrated with Leaf on Feb 1st.
  • Given the scale of the data migration, there is always a risk that things don’t go as planned. If we receive any further updates from the LCB regarding the traceability transition, we will share that message here.
  • If you have any questions regarding the transition, please contact the LCB directly and/or contact your 3rd party traceability provider.  Email: mjexaminer@lcb.wa.gov  /  Phone: 360.664.1614