BMF Celebrates the Holidays

2018 is almost upon us.  As the year comes to an end, we have the opportunity to reflect upon the year, celebrated with family and friends, and look forward.  This last weekend, BMF celebrated with our employees.  We feasted.  We danced.  We enjoyed the night!

What do we have to celebrate?

As a company, we continued to provide jobs in a county that was in desperate need.  Our resilient employees showed their commitment to not only the job, but their community.  This year the staff participated in a charity golf fundraiser in support of a local youth program.

We’ve been privileged to provide the market with top shelf flowers and concentrates.  BMF has continued to set the standard in prevention and screening to ensure our products are above reproach.  We continue to innovate to not only meet the demands of the market, but shape it.

So join us in celebrating this season and here is to an amazing 2018!