BMF stands for “Building Maximum Freedom”. Chosen for the flexibility in its interpretation, its emphasis is on American individualism and the lifestyle, community and regions that define it as a nation.


BMF and its brand family are the premiere providers of cannabis because you can trust the high integrity of the products, the process, and the principles behind it. Our company and brands are based upon the tenant of Personal Freedom and Liberty and that power lies in the individual to choose their destination, and how they get there.

Integrity – We believe that the conviction behind our business and the way we conduct our business is just as important as the product.
Experience – We were one of the fist and remain in the top tier of producers in Washington State.

Innovation – We will continue to support and improve the system, from cultivation to distribution. We will continue to discover and research strains of cannabis, so we can develop better processes and products.

Compassion – Corporation social responsibility is important to us and we hold ourselves to a high standard. For example, BMF works to create a culture in and outside of it’s Raymond facility that promotes community and living wages.

Sustainability – We are committed to protecting the environment through sustainable production practices, including organic systems and solar growing techniques.

Want verified safety and quality in your cannabis? We’ve set the gold standard.

Raymond, Washington - Our Home

BMF is proud to call Raymond, Washington home. Located on State Route 101 and State Round 6, Raymond offers a unique setting for a tier 3 cannabis production. Our facilities are located on the Willapa Harbor waterfront. We’ve had the honor and privilege of introducing a thriving industry into a once lumber strong community.

Raymond has embraced all aspects of this lucrative, newly-emerging industry by welcoming BMF with the support necessary to meet the demands of our business. Our employees are proud of their hometown and the opportunities BMF and Raymond have provided.

To show their support of Raymond, each Christmas the employees choose a local charity to give back to. Paying forward the opportunities they’ve been given is only one example of the generosity and quality of workforce BMF employs.