Dabbing – How to Dab with RSO+GO Shatter

RSO+GO is known for giving you the whole plant and this holds true for vape cats, tankers and dabbable products. In this review, we’ll discuss one of the most common set-ups to dab with, a quartz bucket or “banger” nail system, heated with a flame torch. These are our recommended steps for the best experience when dabbing our RSO+GO Shatter.

RSO+GO Shatter – the purest, most complete concentrate on the market.

Items Needed: Common Dab Set-Up

• Dab Rig – water pipe made for cannabis oil concentrates
• Nail – the traditional “bowl piece” normally filled with cannabis flower is replaced by what is called a “nail”. This piece will be heated with a torch or electronic element and receives your cannabis concentrates. These nails are made in variety of shapes and material types and have a wide range of suggested operational uses for different types of cannabis concentrates.
• Hand Held Torch – steady, high intensity flame
• Dab Tool – to keep your hands away from heat when placing concentrate in the nail
• Carb Cap – to enclose the nail forcing smoke vapor through the dab rig
• Q-Tips – to clean the bucket after each dab

Safety Precautions

Stable Surface – make sure the table or counter top you are using is secure and will not fall, shake or malfunction during the dab
Space – be sure you have enough room to heat & puff without touching the dab rig
Flammable – this system operates at high temperatures, be sure all flammable items are at a safe distance
Operations – make sure you know how to operate your dab rig prior to initial use. If you’ve never dabbed before, consider inviting an experienced user. Chances are you’ll have more fun.
Highly Concentrated – remember RSO+GO is highly concentrated. Start with a small amount and work up based upon tolerance. Your shatter amount can be prepped ahead of time while setting up the equipment.

ProcessUnlike some people would normally suggested when smoking cannabis flowers, you do not want to hold in the dab smoke, this can irritate your lungs and cause an undesirable and uncomfortable stress on your breathing.

1. Heat the nail – Heat until the nail is red hot. With newer quartz it can be hard to see the hot reddish color, but as your nail gets broken in, it will become easier to notice. Depending on the thickness of the wall on the quartz nail, it can take up to 30 seconds or more of continues flame directly applied to the outer surface and underside of the quartz bucket to get it fully heated.
2. Once the nail has been made hot, it’s important to wait for it to cool down to just the right temp. This can be tricky to pin point sometime and may need to be dialed-in based on the type of concentrate your dabbing and size of your dab. Typically, it will take 45 seconds or more for the nail to cool down to just the right temp. Using a simple kitchen timer or clock app on your phone can help keep you more on tracking timing.
3. Once the desired temp has been reached, pick up the dab tool and carefully place the concentrate in the bottom of the heated dish. Start to gently inhale through the mouth piece of your rig.
4. During optimal vaporization, RSO+GO Concentrates will lightly boil away when placed on the nail, creating little to no smoke. Once the initial boil has stopped (2-3seconds), the carb cap is quickly placed over top of the opening of the nail. This will raise the temp a slightly and hold it there for a small amount of time during your dab. Notice thicker smoke, start to pull a full draw on the rig to consume your dab.
5. When the oil no longer smokes, the hit is complete. Remember to thoroughly clean your quartz bucket with a Q-tip.

Helpful Tips

1. Unlike some people would normally suggested when smoking cannabis flowers, you do not want to hold in the dab smoke, this can irritate your lungs and cause an undesirable and uncomfortable stress on your breathing.
2. If the oil has been scorched and burned by the quartz bucket or nail, it was dabbed at too hot of a temp. You may need to use your torch to burn off and clean the nail fully before taking your next dab.
3. Dabbing at too high of a temp will cause poor flavor and heavy irritation of the lungs. A dab taken at proper temps will taste like pure cannabis terpenes, which will vary based on strain, but should always be dank.