Month: January 2018

Leaf Data Transition Update

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The Washington State LCB is set to end the contingency plan and fully integrate to the Leaf Data System by February 1st, 2018.  This new system offers three primary features: traceability activity reporting, compliance reporting and system interfaces.  Due to the size and scope of the transition BMF offers all of our customers the following […]

Weed Reviews – Mendo Breath


Long time fans of Liberty Reach, Washington Weed Reviews, have a few things to say about Mendo Breath.  This father & daughter team of Dan and Kim, hail from Eastern Washington and frequent a number of our stores.  Here is a shout out to our neighbors across the Cascades! Mendo Breath may have been reviewed […]

Sessions Tears Up the Cole Memo


Metaphorically speaking, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has torn up the Cole Memorandum. What exactly does that mean? While everyone in I502 and across the state knows this is a significant issue, it’s good to understand what this policy change does and does not do. The Law is the Same Federally speaking, marijuana growing, sale and possession […]